Latinos listen to more music than the rest.

3 recommendations for Music Streamers in order to get more Latinos.


Music streamers should pay more attention to U.S, Hispanic’s taste in music since this segment of the population is one of the heaviest users of this technology as it is shown in several studies in the field. As an expert in radio content and an avid student of everything US Hispanic related, I want to share some recent and some not-very-recent data about the “Latino” usage of Music Streaming.

The most recent data comes from the blog post: Marketing Trends in a New Multicultural Society: Hispanic Millennials: Implications for Marketing  by Dr. Felipe Korzenny, Director Emeritus of the Center for Hispanic Marketing Communication at Florida State University and author of “Hispanic Marketing: Connecting with the new Latino Consumer”. Here the author makes clear, in a very pedagogical way, that not all Latinos are created equal. Even though they might have the same “US Hispanic” label and some marketers have mistakenly put them in the same market cluster, there are some big differences among them that actually turn them into a very heterogeneous population segment.


The second piece of not-so-very recent knowledge comes from a study by PricewaterhouseCoopers about Hispanics and Mobile technology published in 2014. Mi Movil: Hispanic consumers embrace mobile technology. Some of the key findings in this study show how Hispanics usage of mobile streaming technology for video and music surpass the one of Non-Hispanics by almost 20 % in some cases.

Adding those two pieces of knowledge to the fact that recent data from Pandora (The biggest music streamer in users quantity) tells that at least 25% of its users are Latinos, I have 3 recommendations for every Music Streamer if they want to have success by reaching Hispanics in the right way:

  1. Understand them: Not all latinos are the same. Some like tropical music, some like Mexican Music and some even like Rock and Roll.
  1. Don’t mixed them up: Not because the music is in Spanish means they are going to like it all. Some Hispanics don’t like Mexican Music and some even hate Tropical rhythms.
  1. Try English for newer generations: Some younger Hispanics prefer English as their entertainment language, and sometimes they can enjoy having two types of language in one same “playlist”.

Reaching Hispanics has become into a challenge and a key objective of every major Music Streaming Service. But not all Spanish language content will work and in order to develop a successful strategy, Streamers should really satisfy Latino’s changing music tastes.