Is it cool to be Hispanic in the U.S.?

That’s the question I asked to some of my fellow students at the Marketing Communication Seminar at FSU.

And here some of the answers

Yes, it is so cool to be Hispanic. I cannot help but be very intrigued by the ability to see someone who is, as mentioned in a past post, coveted by marketing companies. Being viewed as an asset is always a good feeling. The Hispanic community is also based on so many good values, that it is difficult to not be impressed by how loyally they are practiced while still adopting cultural customs from being in the United States. Her and her family value things that are very important and can easily be lost in this age, such as trust, loyalty, family and other strong relationships.


I definitely think it has become more “cool” than it used to, to be Hispanic. Our society (in my opinion) has always been very judgmental of others, especially those that are the slightest bit different from us. Even ten years ago, our society was not as acceptable of other races and ethnicities as we are today. I still think we have a lot of progress to make, but it is a process that has to be taken one step at a time. I have also noticed that even though Hispanics are becoming more accustomed to our society and culture, they still find a way to make it known that they take pride in their culture. Hispanics have always been proud of their culture, even when Americans were not as accepting of different cultures. I think it says a lot about a culture who can adopt things about another culture, but find a way to stay true to themselves, and Hispanics definitely do that.


I’m Hispanic and I can tell you that it’s beyond cool. How would you feel if thousands of companies are trying to reach you by creating “recipes” based on how their specific products or services appeal only to your cultural needs? Pretty good, I can tell you that. We are like the popular kids in school that everybody wants to be involved with. Thousands of companies are willing to do almost anything just to grab our attention and make us take an interest in whatever they are trying to sell. The Hispanic Market is growing so big that these companies know that they need us in order to be successful or at least way more successful. We are the key to a very profitable business.