Internet for US Hispanic and the anxiety of abundance

When defining the Internet as the technology of liberation for US Hispanic (as explained by Felipe Korzenny  in his book Hispanic Marketing)   , it is important to see that such an artifact has two sides for the same coin. Removing the boundaries and the mediators in the communication process can be very liberating in granting unlimited access to all kinds of goods and services. But this liberated status comes with a price

Marshall McLuhan, one of the greatest Media and Technology philosophers of our time, said in an interview that “all media, from the phonetic alphabet to the computer, are extensions of a man (…) such an extension is an intensification of an organ, sense or function and whenever it takes place, the central nervous system appears to institute a self-protective numbing of the affected area, insulating and anesthetizing it from conscious awareness of what’s happening to it.” (Norden, E. p. 124)

The Internet can be very liberating but it can also put the mind under a lot of stress. This amount of liberty can produce levels of anxiety when providing the user with so many options and that is the price we must pay for having that freedom to choose. Having such an access to so many options can be very liberating but it also takes some responsibility.  The responsibility of actually choosing and being an active part of the whole process and the society. 



Korzenny, Felipe and Korzenny, Betty. Hispanic Marketing: Connecting with the new latino consumer. Elsevier publisher. Oxford . 2012


Norden, Eric. When the medium became the message. Playboy  magazine, October 2013



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