Fusion network. Evolution???

This week (Octh, 28th) a new Cable Network was born. Fusion is the product of the joint venture between Univision and ABC. 


As Gabrielle Zuckerman said in a recent Miami Media Mixer Forum, Fusion is News for the Latino Millennials. They will develop content for the Hispanic audience that enjoys receiving media in English. Second and third generations of US Hispanic have become consumers of English language media content, and that is the reason why Fusion will give those US Hispanic Millennials the content they want in the language they now understand.


But language won’t be the only different thing for these Hispanics. Content itself will also be adapted to suit their taste. Lots of humor and satire will shape the news content in this new network.  From an only Hispanic hosted Morning Show to the awarded Mexican journalist Jorge Ramos, every single On-air talent will share something in common with the new audience: their Hispanic background.


Will they succeed? Only time will tell.  They do have the elements in order to be appealing to the Hispanic Millennials: Language, humor, Hispanic background but talking to this audience is not an easy task. If they feel they are being stereotyped, they could reject the content and the network. It is mandatory for the network to keep a balance between what is new and trendy and what is traditional for this specific audience. It is also important to avoid any Mexican bias so present in other Hispanic TV Networks. It is true that they count for the big majority of the Hispanic population in the US, but the other non-Mexican part of the Hispanic audience might feel unrepresented.


Fusion could be the evolution of Hispanic Media. But this evolution has to be organic, otherwise it might end up as a cultural failure. 

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