Latina’s power

Some of the very remarkable OBJECTIVE aspects of every culture are easy to stereotype and that is the case for the Latina woman. It is true that Latinas like to dress and behave in sexy ways, wearing colorful clothing, skirts and tight  garments. Some of these stereotypes are commonly seen in media, movies and magazines. Lately, in a very popular sit-com show called Modern Family, Sofia Vergara (a Colombian actress) portrayed a Latina woman with this dressing code and it was quite a success, becoming one of the main characters for the TV show. With this and some other media examples (Telenovelas and beauty pageants), it would be easy to misunderstand that Latinas are mainly fashion-oriented and in some instances maybe superficial.  But don’t get them wrong, they can be very flirty but the Latino woman is a very strong and determined one and that you can tell by knowing some of the SUBJECTIVE aspects of this culture.

To really understand the behavior of the Latina woman is very necessary to realize some of those intangible elements  (Subjective culture) of their society. It is well known that Latino societies are “machistas” (word derived from Spanish and Portuguese, where it has the meaning of a belief in the supremacy of men over women, a strong sense of masculine pride) and for this reason Latinas have developed very elaborated and subtle ways of power and persuasion in order to “control” their household and husbands. In some cases, they have evolved some sort of tacit matriarchate. Marketing experts know this and that’s why they understand that Latino women have a lot of decision power when it comes down to understand who makes the buying decisions in a Latino home. If a “marketer” wants to reach the Latino woman, it is better and more effectively done by using this subjective aspect of their culture rather than using only the sexy and outgoing trait of their personalities.  

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